Bob & Sherri Hyde

When we were began our remodel/addition, we were very concerned about finding just the right contractor for our job. We had heard of Jim and decided to meet with him. As soon as Jim left, I turned to Bob and said, ‘He’s the one!’

We hired him the next day. Jim, Rolly and their crew were easy to work with, helpful, reliable, timely and efficient. Jim patiently explained the scope of the project and the line items of the budget. He and Rolly made architectural changes that enhanced the house and gave us just what we wanted all within our budget. There are so many wonderful things to say, but there are three words that stand out in our minds: Can do attitude.

When we made a request for a change, or just wanted something done a bit differently, they did it. No need to ask again. Jim is very familiar with the permit process and what it takes to get permit approval. With his knowledge and contacts he was able to push our permit through the system in record time. He was proactive in finding out what was still needed to obtain approval and immediately took steps to to correct it. Our project had a motto, “No Delays.” Not only were there “no delays,” but the project was finished two months earlier than the projected date!!! That would not have been possible without H&M Builders’ reliability and building and permit process knowledge.

Thank you H&M Builders and your subs. We appreciate your professionalism, respect and friendliness. Bob and I and our three kids couldn’t have survived living in the motor home throughout the project without your humor and camaraderie. We also appreciate Tim finding my long lost diamond bracelet under the deck. A serious plus to the demolition phase.